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TikTok user ID is the unique identification name that the app gives to every user. TikTok assigns these TikTok User IDs to users once they fulfill certain requirements of TikTok. Every user has to set his or her own TikTok username while creating their account. The username consists of text as well as numerical characters and can even include special characters.

A username once used by any person in the world, cannot be used again by anyone else. These are always prefixed by an “@” sign. Thus if you want to find the user ID of anyone on TikTok, you have come to the right place.

How to search tik tok USERS ID

Steps to find TikTok user ID

1. Launch the TikTok application: The first step to find a user’s TikTok username is to launch the application from the phone’s application drawer. Locate the icon of the application. Tap on the icon once as shown by the arrow. The application will launch on your device to the home screen. find tiktok user id

2. Navigate to the Explore section: Once you open the application, it will launch into the home-screen by default. From the home-screen, you have to then navigate to the Explore section of the app. The explore section is represented by a small magnifying glass icon. This is located among the options found at the bottom of the screen. find tiktok user id

3. Tap on the search bar: In the explore page you will find the search bar at the top of the screen. This search bar can be used to search for users on TikTok. You can search using the name of the user or the User ID. Tap on the search bar once as shown by the arrow mark. This will automatically launch your phone’s keypad.

find tiktok user id

4. Enter the Name of the user: Once you tap on the search bar, you have to then type in the name of the user. Using the keypad that has automatically launched, type in the name of the user. You have to make sure that you type in the name and surname of the user you want to find. find tiktok user id

5. Hit the search button: Once you have entered the name and surname, you will see the following screen. A list of suggestions arises below the search bar. But since we want the user ID of the person, we have to hit the Search option. The search option will be located in front of the search bar. Tapping on this once will result in a result of all users with that name. find tiktok user id

6. Locate the User ID of User you searched for: Once you hit the search option, you will get a list of results as shown below. This will include all user’s by the name you entered. You have to then locate the User you wanted to search for by identifying his profile picture. When you find the user, you will also find the User ID. It will be located just below the name of the person. find tiktok user id

7. Follow the User: Once you follow all the steps explained above, you can then follow the person. Open the account of the person by tapping on it. You will find the User ID again below the profile picture. Confirm the user ID once more. Then if you wish, you can follow the user. Simply tap on the Follow button as shown below. find tiktok user id

Therefore any TikTok user wants to find the User ID of another can follow the steps explained above. The procedure is very easy to follow. An ID can be used to tag a person, mention them in posts, etc. Thus, people may want to know how to find the user ID of a person on TikTok.

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