How to get a saddle minecraft

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  • You’ll discover a saddle in “Minecraft” in treasure chests, via fishing, via buying and selling, or via searching.
  • Saddles are some of the few pieces in “Minecraft” that can not be crafted.
  • After getting a saddle, you’ll be able to use it to journey horses, Striders, pigs, and extra.
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A saddle is among the uncommon “Minecraft” pieces that may’t in fact be crafted. Just like the Elytra, some of the sport’s different transportation-related pieces, you can wish to discover a saddle quite than make it.

Thankfully, there are many techniques to seek out saddles. And after getting one, the usage of it’s simple — even supposing you may wish to deliver a deal with or two for the creature you need to journey.

This is the entirety you wish to have to grasp concerning the saddle in ‘Minecraft’: Tips on how to get one, which mobs can also be saddled up, and the trick to controlling them whenever you do.

Tips on how to discover a saddle in ‘Minecraft’

There are 4 other ways to discover a saddle: via looting treasure chests, buying and selling, fishing, and searching.

Treasure chests

In each editions of Minecraft, you’ll be able to to find saddles in treasure chests at those places: dungeons, bastion remnants, wasteland temples, Finish towns, jungle temples, Nether fortresses, strongholds, and villages.

Two treasure chests present in an Finish town tower.

Your possibilities at discovering a saddle inside of a treasure chest will range, however your very best bets are with a Nether citadel chest (35.3 p.c), a dungeon chest (28.3 p.c), or a wasteland temple chest (23.5 p.c).

For a Nether citadel chest, you will have to first succeed in the Nether by means of a Nether Portal crafted from obsidian. Dungeon chests, then again, are discovered within the Overworld — you’ll be able to merely get started (sparsely) digging down till you discover a cave device. Dungeons are at all times adjoining to caves.

In the end, wasteland temples can also be present in wasteland biomes, and the temple’s chests will likely be enclosed in a room inside the pyramid. Simply watch out, because the treasure chests are flanked via a TNT entice which, if stepped on, will smash the chests, their contents, and in all probability you as neatly.

There is not any ensure that you can discover a saddle in those chests, however there is at all times an opportunity.


You’ll fish in any frame of water, and each time you do, there is a likelihood that you can catch treasure as an alternative of fish. Then again, via default there is a lower than 1 p.c likelihood of reeling in a saddle.

In case you are keen to place in some paintings, you’ll be able to building up the chances via blessing your fishing rod with a “Good fortune of the Sea” attraction. Upload a Tier 3 “Trap” attraction for sooner fishing, and you can be reeling in a saddle very quickly.

You’ll enchant your equipment with a fascinating desk, or an anvil and an enchanted e-book.

All you wish to have is a fishing rod and water. Any frame of water is acceptable, too, whether or not it is standalone or a part of a big river, an ocean, or only a artifical pond.

Business with a Grasp Leatherworker

For those who’ve accumulated a great deal of emeralds, industry them together with your pleasant village Leatherworker in change for a saddle. If you’ll be able to’t discover a Leatherworker within the village, you’ll be able to flip a non-employed villager into one via plopping a cauldron of their trail.

Business with the Leatherworker till they have reached “Grasp” standing, and also you must be capable to change emeralds for a saddle.

Saddles are thought to be a “grasp” craft for Leatherworkers.

The one catch this is that if you are enjoying at the console-friendly “Bedrock” model of the sport, there is just a 50 p.c likelihood that they provide you with this industry.

Kill a Ravager

In the end, when you like the joys of the search, you’ll be able to kill a Ravager. Those are sturdy enemies that appear to be bulls, and can accompany pillagers on raids.

Upon demise, a Ravager will at all times drop a saddle.

Ravagers comes provided with saddles via default.

Tips on how to use your saddle in ‘Minecraft’

After getting your saddle, you are ready to journey. However what animal must you pick out?

There are the most obvious choices, like horses, donkeys, and mules. Every of those animals can also be tamed via many times mounting them till they forestall bucking you off — how again and again you can wish to do that is randomly determined for every animal. As soon as they are tamed, “use” the saddle on them and you can position it on them.

You’ll get the saddle again via hopping at the animal and urgent the stock button. You’ll be able to see that it has its personal stock, which you’ll be able to take the saddle from.

Tamed horses have their very own stock, the place you’ll be able to additionally give them armor.

However there also are a couple of extra a laugh choices, like pigs and Striders.

The use of your saddle to journey a pig

You’ll get a pig’s consideration with a carrot. Then, equip the saddle to your hotbar and “use” it at the pig.

Pigs are interested in carrots on sticks, which can also be crafted via combining a carrot with a fishing rod.

Make a choice the pig to start out driving. Then again, you will not be able to transport it with out the usage of a Carrot on a Stick — hold it in entrance of the pig to make it run any approach you please.

There are few issues more straightforward to craft than a carrot on a stick.

Whilst driving a pig is for sure a laugh, you may to find driving a saddled-up Strider much more sensible, since they are able to stroll throughout lava.

The use of your saddle to journey a Strider

Striders are a more recent mob in “Minecraft,” and can also be discovered roaming all around the lava oceans within the Nether. Using a Strider means that you can move the lava with none risk.

Very similar to the pig, first you’ll be able to get the Strider’s consideration with a coveted delicacies: warped fungus.

You’ll to find warped fungus (the green-and-orange plant right here) rising all over the Nether.

When the Strider is shut sufficient, equip the saddle to your sizzling bar and apply it to the Strider to equip it. Then way the Strider together with your “use” motion to mount.

Be sure to have a fishing rod readily available so you’ll be able to create a warped fungus on a stick, which you can wish to lead the Strider round.

As soon as you may have put a saddle at the Strider, you’ll be able to use it to stroll over lava swimming pools.

Simply do not get too connected on your pig or Strider — as soon as you may have given them a saddle, the one approach to get it again is to kill them.