Guardian Tales Codes (May 2022)


Dad or mum Stories is an motion role-playing gacha recreation through which a gaggle of heroes fights in opposition to the invasion of demonic enemies, merely known as the Invaders. Even supposing you get started the sport with just one warrior, a Knight, there are 50 heroes that you’ll be able to use all through your journey. With such a lot of choices, you’ll be able to have a large number of a laugh assembling a birthday celebration for dungeon crawling.

The sport takes position on the earth of Kanterbury which is filled with difficult demanding situations. Fortuitously, there are lots of Dad or mum Stories codes that allow you to out. More often than not you’ll be able to declare awards corresponding to gold, revel in, stamina, gemstones, and guns. Remember the fact that those coupon codes are time-sensitive, so bookmark this web page for long run updates.

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All Dad or mum Stories Codes Checklist

Up to date Might 16

Added new codes

Dad or mum Stories Codes (Running)

Here is a take a look at the entire running Dad or mum Stories codes.

  • There aren’t any running codes these days

Dad or mum Stories Codes (Expired)

Those Dad or mum Stories codes now not paintings.

  • LIBERAMECHA—Redeem for 3x Strengthening Hammer degree 25
  • CHOCOLATECUPID—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • THANKSBOB—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • RIMNEVERDIES—Redeem for 100 Stamina
  • INVADER—Redeem for unique rewards
  • ITSGONNABEMAY—Redeem for 200k revel in
  • TRANSLATOR—Redeem for unique rewards
  • WORLD14OUT—Redeem for fifty Stamina
  • AFTERNOONPICNIC—Redeem for fifty,000 Gold
  • VAMPIREORDEMON—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • FOURLEAF—Redeem for fifty Stamina
  • CLOVER—Redeem for 100 Stamina and 50,000 Gold
  • BINGO—Redeem for 70,000 revel in
  • XELLOS—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • DEMONSBLOOD—Redeem for degree 70 Awakening Chest
  • EMERALDPALACE—Redeem for fifty Stamina
  • SLAYERSNEXT—Redeem for fifty Stamina
  • LOMEN—Redeem for fifty,000 Gold
  • LINAINVERSE123—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • GOURRYFORFREE—Redeem for 12x Clean Blueprints
  • COLLABORATION—Redeem for degree 70 Awakening Chest
  • CHOCOLATEROMANCE—Redeem for fifty Stamina
  • TIGERYEAR—Redeem for degree 25 hammer
  • EARTHORFIRE—Redeem for 70,000 Enjoy
  • LOVEISINTHEAIR—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • GIVECOFFEE—Redeem for fifty Stamina
  • FORXMAS—Redeem for 600 Gem stones
  • ARECOUPONS—Redeem for 20 Clean Blueprints
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS—Redeem for 100 Stamina
  • THISWASH4LLOWEEN—Redeem for 13 Clean Blueprints
  • PR1SONBR3AK—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • HappyNewYear—Redeem for degree 40 Hammer
  • FreshStart—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • WinterBluesWho—Redeem for fifty,000 Gold
  • WorldColdCoffeeWarm—Redeem for 70 Stamina
  • SILENTNIGHT—Redeem for 100 Stamina
  • HOLIDAYSPIRIT—Redeem for one Princess Edict
  • XMASCAROL—Redeem for degree 40 Hammer
  • ALLWEWANT—Redeem for three Stone Containers
  • DRUIDK4NNA—Redeem for Awakening Dungeon Field
  • archenemy—Redeem for 12 Clean Blueprints
  • shenmountain—Redeem for 300 Gem stones
  • 1NTERMISSION—Redeem for fifty Stamina
  • SUCCUBUZZ—Redeem for fifty Stamina
  • warlord—Redeem for unique rewards
  • TR4V3L—Redeem for unique rewards
  • Skgrdn—Redeem for unique rewards
  • playworld13—Redeem for unique rewards
  • PRIVATENYAN—Redeem for 12 Clean Blueprint
  • GREATKATSBY—Redeem for Degree 70 Awakening Field
  • TEATAN—Redeem for unique rewards
  • Ranpang—Redeem for unique rewards
  • INVADER—Redeem for unique rewards
  • BARI—Redeem for unique rewards
  • BATQUEEN—Redeem for 100 Stamina
  • BIRTHDAY—Redeem for 100 Hero Crystal
  • android—Redeem for Awakening Dungeon Field x10
  • dungeon—Redeem for Strengthening Hammer x5
  • heavenhold—Redeem for unique rewards
  • colossus—Redeem for unique rewards
  • baywatcher—Redeem for unique rewards
  • submerge—Redeem for unique rewards
  • GUARDIAN123—Redeem for five Controller
  • TALES456—Redeem for 100 Espresso
  • ISAWTHESIGN—Redeem for unique rewards
  • L1VENOW—Redeem for 1000 Gem
  • D3MONS—Redeem for 1000 Gem
  • L1L1TH—Redeem for 1000 Gem
  • WORLD12—Redeem for 1000 Gem 
  • S34SON2—Redeem for 1000 Gem 
  • 50summongift⁠—Redeem for fifty Stamina

The right way to Redeem Dad or mum Stories Codes

You’ll be able to redeem Dad or mum Stories in two techniques, in-game or by the use of the legitimate recreation web page.

The right way to Redeem Dad or mum Stories coupon codes in-game

guardian tales coupon codes
Screenshot by the use of Professional Recreation Guides
  1. Open a recreation, and press the Choices icon within the higher proper nook.
  2. Press the Account Settings possibility when the menu opens.
  3. Scroll down, and while you to find the Input Coupon Code button press it.
  4. Within the Coupon Code field, input the code precisely as it sounds as if within the listing above.
  5. Press the Verify button to publish the code and declare your prize!

The right way to Redeem Dad or mum Stories coupon codes from the legitimate web page

Guardian Tales Coupon Genie Codes
Screenshot by the use of Professional Recreation Guides
  1. Move to Guardian Tales official site.
  2. From the menu, choose the Coupon possibility.
  3. Choose your area (server on which you are gambling)
  4. Within the Person quantity field, input your consumer quantity which you’ll be able to to find in-game through deciding on Choices, then Account settings.
  5. Within the Coupon code field, input the code precisely as it sounds as if within the listing above.
  6. Press the Publish button to say your awards.

How are you able to get extra Dad or mum Stories codes?

Knowledge relating to Dad or mum Stories coupon codes may also be discovered on GT’s official Facebook page, Twitter, or Discord. However perhaps one of the simplest ways to get extra Dad or mum Stories codes is through bookmarking this web page and talk over with it steadily.

Why don’t seem to be my Dad or mum Stories codes running?

Earlier than you’ll be able to even check out to go into the codes, you will have to end the educational. Dad or mum Stories codes generally tend to run out in no time, so be sure you redeem them once conceivable. But even so that, one of the crucial major causes for codes no longer running is a straightforward typo. To steer clear of spelling mistakes be sure you input the coupon code precisely as it’s written, or just reproduction and paste it if you are gambling the sport on PC (by the use of Android recreation emulator).

What’s Dad or mum Stories?

Dad or mum Stories is a cellular motion RPG recreation that places you in a chain of demanding situations from fixing puzzles, to combating enemies in difficult battles. You’ll be able to roam the arena both solo or in co-op mode. If you wish to face off in opposition to different avid gamers, you’ll be able to just do that during particular PvP recreation mode.

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