In addition, 5 participants died, 5 participants reported being too ill to participate, and 3 were lost due to relocation or other reasons.

Humans in antiquity, the vast majority of whom lived and died within a few-kilometre radius of their birthplaces, did not have this cruel luxury.


Between 1996 and 1998, 229 plants died and 629 stems recruited into the 30 cm size class.

Fifteen infants survived but one baby died in the neonatal period.

Birth intervals in the ‘ known to have died ‘ category therefore have a very different distribution from those in the ‘ known to have survived’ group.

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But even before the end, against a novelistic tradition of sinful women dying, this “sinful” woman survives.

Many saplings survived the attack, whereas most seedlings had died already.

If one parent died, the surviving parent became the legal guardian of any minor children.

Associated with the dwindling in size is the production of poor unhealthy top-growth which tends to die off prematurely.

If it fails to do this, the organism will ultimately die as systems fail.

The carer can now serve the dying with compassion, deep caring, professional knowledge, and comfort in the presence of the patient.

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At age 6 nobody receives any bequests because the parent is at age 11 and is going to die for certain.

A fortnight later, the correspondent discovered that the man and child were recovering but that another child had died from fever.

In the overall series of experiments, we marked approximately 330 embryos, of which about 10% died before reaching the desired endpoint.

Moreover, the emphasis upon the active negotiating participants has allowed us to totally ignore the significance death and mortuary practices have for those dying.

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