Preoperative characteristics predicting intraoperative hypotension and hypertension among hypertensives and diabetics undergoing noncardiac surgery.

The value of the oscillatory potential in selecting juvenile diabetics at risk of developing proliferative retinopathy.


Contrast-induced nephrotoxicity is a common concern among angiographers in groups of patients like diabetics, who are known to be at increased risk.

Therefore, contrast-induced nephrotoxicity should be an important consideration for angiographers comparable to diabetics.

The non-diabetics were not aware that they were at risk, and none of the diabetics had experienced serious health problems since diagnosis.

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Pregnancy in established non-insulin-dependent diabetics.

The initial promise of minidiabetic clinics within the primary health care system seems not to have developed into a comprehensive system for regular review of all diabetics.

Although only about 10% of diabetics have a symptomatic neuropathy, nearly half have asymptomatic involvement as confirmed by nerve conduction studies, quantitative sensory testing and autonomic tests.

External insulin pumps for diabetics insert chemical tubes through the skin.

Additional causes for distal sensory neuropathy in diabetics.

The roles of self-efficacy, outcome expectancies and social support in the self-care behaviours of diabetics.

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Cognitive and affective disorders in elderly diabetics.

As well as two extra meat rations, diabetics are allowed 12 oz.

I am in full sympathy with diabetics over this and have arranged for a “spare” coupon to be used for the extra one lb.

The whole question of issue of disposable syringes to diabetics is currently under review.

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