One at school was under the toothbrush cabinet and the other was over where my teacher took the dessert.

In the remainder of the schools the dessert buns were not served because of school events.


Second, consumption of dessert buns after the serving day was unlikely, because this was prohibited by schoolteachers.

The dessert buns were then wrapped individually in cellophane bags and stored in a freezer before shipping.

Alternatively, affected individuals possibly were beginning to feel sick by the time dessert was served and so were less likely to eat it.

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There was, however, evidence to suggest heating of the dessert buns was inadequate after they were produced.

The mixing bowl and whisk were reported to have been washed in a sink, between preparing the two desserts.

Her favourite dessert was chocolate cake with frosting.

He doesn’t talk about the meat and not about the fish and not about the salad and not about the dessert, just the soup.

For example, a dinner can be divided into parts such as salad, a main course, and a dessert.

Eggs were not used to make the dessert buns.

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We found cases only in schools that served the dessert buns.

Politics set in a short time after dessert, when the ladies retired upstairs and talked about their complaints and their children.

I already avoided the usual suspects, such as baked goods, candy, soft drinks, bread, and desserts.

Just desserts theory suggests that x deserves f just in case f is the logical consequence of some prior action.

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