there is no antitoxin available for human use and patients died in the 2000 cluster despite debridement, antibiotics and intensive care.

surgical debridement was required for 66 % of the patients, but no deaths were reported.

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recommended treatment included surgical debridement and culture of any injection-site infection, and the use of antibiotics with good anaerobic activity as part of empiric therapy.

patients who had an initial aortic valve debridement have had a similar outcome to those who had a commissurotomy alone.

surgical or mechanical debridement can damage healthy tissue or fail to clean the wound completely.

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mechanical debridement can be easily accomplished by letting the saline gauze dressing dry before removal.

options include mechanical debridement with gauze dressings, sharp surgical debridement, autolytic debridement with occlusive dressings, or application of exogenous enzymes.

debridement is generally not necessary and should only be performed by an experienced oral surgeon.

surgical valvotomy and debridement may need to be considered as the preferred therapy.

all infants with mediastinal infections were managed with operative debridement.

all of the patients were treated with antibiotics, and most underwent tissue debridement.

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enzymatic debridement can dissolve necrotic debris but whether it harms healthy tissue is debated.

however, a substantial proportion of the therapeutic arthroscopies involved procedures of unclear efficacy, such as debridement or plica excision.

the other three infants were well 1 year subsequent to debridement.

local treatment with debridement followed by regular antiseptic dressings is also important.

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