A particular opportunity exists for academics and practitioners to act both as critics of competition projects, new buildings and environments in use.

The “avant-garde” works take on value because they were “greeted with revulsion by conservative critics” (250).


Contemporary critics tend to accept the same premise.

Other critics go further, and say that the challenge model is inimical to human well-being.

Despite her generous marking out of a lineage of critics who have inspired her, however, this book is very much her own.

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They are also used by professional critics who review current releases by out-and-out rock bands.

On occasions, argumentative bridges have been unable to overcome all resistance from critics and sympathizers.

Of all the critics here, he is the most attentive to poetic form as having its own, moving agency.

Contrary to the assumptions of later critics, even latitudinarians urged frequent reception of the eucharist.

The best defence against these critics was to investigate each story, and, above all, secure witnesses who would confirm it.

Moreover, the straw man the critics have attacked has in some cases been made of real straw.

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Throughout its critical history, religion has indeed been at the heart of what some critics view as the novel’s artistic and ideological problems.

To better understand how rock critics frame their evaluations we can look at the critical discourse surrounding artists who are critically dismissed.

On the one hand, they have traditionally been seen by highbrow critics as a low, degraded form of artistic expression.

Authenticity is constructed discursively: within musical communities, fans, critics and performers argue about what constitutes authenticity and why.

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