Does such self-coinage, in the guise of coinage of the self, make them counterfeit?

He has also abandoned counterfeit designer clothes and rests mostly content with simple cotton pyjamas.


Even when drugs are available, weak regulatory capacity may mean that they are substandard or counterfeit, and that they are not rationally used.

Women make occasional appearances in the text, but there is no discussion of gender issues or the female role in counterfeiting networks.

Her problems will not be solved by counterfeit expressions and cheap words.

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Some even claim that genuine official coins are counterfeit and will not accept them in trade.

By the second quarter of the nineteenth century clear variations in regional use of foreign coins (both genuine and counterfeit) can be seen.

But it turns out to be scenepainting and counterfeit.

Theft, counterfeit products and damage to goods are always risks that manufacturers face when products are transported.

The former, now a separate conceptual category, was declared socially counterproductive, a counterfeit privacy.

If imitation or counterfeit coins were indistinguishable from genuine coin, the latter quickly would disappear from circulation.

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This prevents us from defining a universal recursion operator for each counterfeit datatype, just as we cannot express them for nested types.

However, counterfeiting of coin is done to reap a profit, and the only way in which it can generate profit is by adulterating the coin with copper or lead.

A counterfeit voice, by definition inauthentic, will assuredly invite the opprobrium of jazz musicians, who equate imitation with the assumption of an identity not one’s own.

We may simulate some aspects of dependent typing by making counterfeit type-level copies of data, with type constructors simulating data constructors and type classes simulating datatypes.

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