Another building block for such planning operations in the brain may be the type of short-term memory in which the prefrontal cortex is involved.

Most likely, phonological plans and articulatory gestures are wired in primary motor and premotor cortices in the inferior frontal lobe.


The authors argue that the olfactory-hippocampal-dorsal cortex circuit was needed to create complex olfactory-based representations of space.

Relation of prefrontal cortex dysfunction to working memory and symptoms in schizophrenia.

If the cortex were organized in this manner, one would suspect that experimental results would have established such themes, as it has for subcortical structures.

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There is sufficient evidence to implicate not only frontal cortex but posterior, superior parietal cortex, as well.

Only those with parietal cortex abnormalities had abnormally long reaction times to invalidly cued targets.

The medial cortex of reptiles does not appear to be involved in other tasks that are mediated by the hippocampus of mammals.

Functional activation of the human frontal cortex during the performance of verbal working memory tasks.

Long-term potentiation and experience-dependent plasticity in visual cortex are coregulated by age and experience.

After approximately 90 msec, the features that make up the word’s orthographic form are being processed within the primary visual cortex (1).

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Information comes into the hippocampal system from the cerebral cortex, including the visual, auditory, sensory cortices and the motor cortex.

Perhaps (as for the cortex) it regulates some aspect of connectivity.

If so, focal paroxysmal activity would spread rapidly and simultaneously in the cortex and thalamus using synaptic pathways.

Therefore, the ventral prefrontal cortex has been placed in both nodes in our model.

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