continuous assessment

A continuous assessment of hearts energy state was obtained by the spectrometer. 12 recipient piglets were orthotopically transplanted.

I believe that most, if not all, teachers are in favour of some form of diagnostic testing and continuous assessment.


Neither these headteachers nor the education authority consider teachers’ own continuous assessment to be sufficient.

I do not want to stray into the realm of continuous assessment of the educational capabilities of pupils, but continuous assessment has its problems.

In my view there has to be some sort of continuous assessment, and everyone must know what that system is to be.

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The effect of what is happening is very much as if we were to move from a formal examination to a system of continuous assessment.

There are few professions or other occupations in which continuous assessment of performance is not inherent.

Children undergo a process of continuous assessment at school.

There is continuous assessment in the two subjects which they learn in the half hour; a quarter of an hour is given to each subject.

Each scheme within the programme undergoes continuous assessment to ensure that, when constructed, it will meet its required objectives.

Routine inspections conducted on motorway and trunk road lighting provide a continuous assessment of the condition of the lighting equipment on those roads.

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Parents felt that examination results and a continuous assessment system were unfair.

Everyone accepts that both the 11-plus system and the continuous assessment system make mistakes.

In that case, the assessment examples were absorbed into local authorities and worked alongside their continuous assessment and testing programme.

Enlargement is a process of continuous assessment, not a one-off exam.

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