When physical capital is complementary with human capital in production, returns on and the demand for skills rise with capital intensity.

Scholars of regime change have offered several complementary explanations of the empirical regularity that democratic transitions tend not to result in substantial redistribution.


I think of this as a mandatory code, imposed by each home country, unlike the voluntary code approach discussed below which is complementary.

Treatment solutions are typically constructed with combinations of complementary therapies, or combinations of complementary therapies and orthodox health services.

What we need is to have a precise understanding of the complementary relationships among currencies.

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As relative input prices rise, the impact on pesticide use can either be negative or positive, depending on the substitutability and complementary of other inputs.

Moreover, there are complementary scientific approaches to investigate meaning!

These results stress the continuous need for food safety education, complementary to governmental regulation.

Biorobots are not going to replace computer simulations, as they are complementary tools.

Thus, fixational saccades and drifts may make complementary contributions to visual functions.

Finally, international organisations and donors considered regional strategies with civil society as alternative or complementary to diplomacy.

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Complementary therapy: general practitioners referral and patients use in an urban multi-ethnic area.

He does not regard co-functional affixes as rival if they show complementary distribution due to distinct phonological limitations on their bases.

Nonetheless, the exercise and pregnancy outcome data obtained so far are reassuring, and suggest that many of the adaptations are complementary.

A few remaining raters filled in the range between these two complementary methods of rating.

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