The orientation of all polar hydrogens was systematically optimized through conformational space search combined with local minimization.

The term does not include a combined cycle combustion turbine in an integrated gasification combined cycle plant.


Doctors, patients, and their advocates do not have ready access to the combined peer-reviewed evidence from medical research.

To further explore this question we combined sequences of all 11 proteins with a full representation of eubacterial taxa (11 species).

Of the 520 aligned nucleotide positions for both spacers combined (excluding gaps required for alignment), 213 were phylogenetically informative.

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They combined interviews with the suffragists’ surviving relatives and supporting evidence from local newspaper reports and public records.

When homonymy is combined with contrast, it results in a “one form/one meaning” view of language.

Otherwise, they tended to rely on the particle combined with a general- purpose verb such as put or get.

The narrowness of the cutting edge combined with the force of the blow it can take makes this tool very adaptable in other areas.

His broad interest, combined with a critical attitude, definitely had an impact on my own scientific development.

The most obvious of these are questions about the exemplum’s rhetorical status, as a narrative form which explicitly combines narrative with cultural authority.

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The survey showed a vigorous pursuit of new hybrid programmes combining professional/vocational with linguistic training, legitimising the service role of modern languages.

Even these lifestyle options can be combined in various ways by an individual.

Within the passage, therefore, the wish that his father were dead is combined with the wish that he return.

She asks how the introduction of degrees combining a language with commerce, law, science etc. will affect research output which conventionally has been literature based.

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