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in fact, the coverage of institutional care in one of the two cities was greatly expanded with only very limited state investment.

furthermore, some cities were even equipped with buildings where litigation masters could congregate and discuss their cases.

cricket sellers, local small farmers, can easily be distinguished by their clothes from the affluent cricket merchants and cricket-fight aficionados from the cities.

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they apply to everything from computer programs, to buildings, to organizations, to cities.

in these cities, the ground floor plane has become the domain of the motor vehicle: pedestrians have made a claim for the sky.

their exact locations within those cities have not been established. 10.

architecture is marketed as a tourist attraction in cities around the globe.

why exactly do we need an ‘urbanism’ to argue for the relevance of architecture to cities?

many cities have used zoning to improve the environmental quality.

the model assumptions and the analysis aim at general theoretical insights, which hold for other cities as well.

by perpetuating poverty in rural areas they encouraged population movement to crowded cities and to ecologically fragile uplands.

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many of the city’s schmoozers are retired men who frequently return to catch up on their schmoozing.

after a sign of hesitation, information’s provided city’s without it – it calls for immediate attention.

from those seven cities the paper is distributed each day to 164 countries.

now the parts of music are many and diverse according to diverse uses, diverse idioms or diverse languages in diverse cities or regions.

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