Therefore, during the simulation of our models, we take samples from individual calves according to the actual sampling dates.

Therefore, we introduce calves into our models according to their actual dates of birth.


Weaned beef and dairy calves have been reported to have a higher prevalence of infection than unweaned calves [22, 25, 44].

Even more prominent differences were observed between calves infected with the above-mentioned isolates.

The parasite mainly affects first grazing season calves causing diarrhoea, malabsorption of nutrients and, in severe cases, death.

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Evidence for genetic control of nematode eggshedding rates in calves.

Nevertheless, calves from all groups developed serious disease following the challenge infection.

Finally, although a substantial degree of immunity was induced by the primary infection, it was insufficient to protect calves from lungworm disease after challenge.

Eight calves cloned from somatic cells of a single adult.

Production of cloned calves following nuclear transfer with cultured adult mural granulosa cells.

In addition, there were more than 50 young cattle over 1 year old and 28 calves under 1 year old.

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During this farm study, individual calves were born into the cohort at different times.

Calves as well as piglets were obtained from commercial herds.

To confirm the immune status of the calves, reductions in worm burdens were measured after treatment with benzimidazoles at housing and at subsequent challenge infection.

Calves were considered to have seroconverted in the period immediately prior to their first positive sample.

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