The belief in a better and brighter future, and in a history that has a direction is alive and well.

The axis cells are alive, except a part of the epidermis, which is magnified in the inset (cell walls highlighted).


In 1998, 38 of those were found alive again, 19 because t he main stem recovered a nd 19 that sprouted a new stem.

The extraction laws leave alive a cell owning a neighbour alive in the considered direction.

Seedlings that died before the last sampling were considered dead, while those seedlings that survived were recorded as alive.

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The remaining 11 seedlings were alive and healthy at the end of the study (> 12 mo).

In this study, different modeling assumptions are made for patients who are alive at the end of the follow-up.

The perfor mance was lovely and loving, full of nuance and color and detail, and rhythmically sensitive and alive.

The donee holds the full bundle of rights, except the right to sell or to give, as long the donor is alive.

Undoubtedly, the reduction of antagonism is a favourable background condition to the agreement, but the conflict, in its political aspect, is still very much alive.

More than half a century after the cultural battle between artists and bourgeois opened, it was still very much alive in the theatrical milieu.

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Thus, the eggs and beetles were classified as alive (viable) or dead, and the data were not amenable to statistical analysis.

In contrast, larvae from control plates remained alive and with vigorous movement throughout the assessment period.

None of which is to claim that stars are alive, a common misinterpretation of such an eclectic stance.

If that is so, then nothing can be regarded as intelligent which is not also alive.

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